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Every firm will tell you they are smart, ethical, and committed to helping you achieve your goals. We do more than just talk, our credentials are exemplary.

We make commitments to our clients in writing - most other advisors will not or cannot.

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No one can serve two masters. We don't even try.

Banking, brokerage, insurance, and investment advice are all regulated separately. Regulations allow the use of titles like “Financial Advisor” even if the person’s primary business is selling products for any number of financial institutions. What a firm claims to do and what is actually done can make all the difference for you and your family.

Here are some examples...


    At Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo, LLC, “financial planning services” means that thorough, proactive, and coordinated financial planning is woven throughout our processes. For instance, we don’t just talk about taxes, we stand by our tax planning. So much so that we have three Enrolled Agents, licensed by the Internal Revenue Service to represent taxpayers in matters before the IRS.

    Most other advisors are essentially in the investment or insurance sales business. They are paid by a third party to put your money in certain products. Chances are good that if you have worked with a brokerage firm, insurance company, or bank, somewhere in the fine print is a disclaimer such as, “XYZ firm does not provide tax advice. See your tax advisor for details.”


    When we say we provide “peace of mind,” this means we do not elevate stress levels. Therefore, you will never see a market barometer or breaking news on this site - that’s simply more noise.

    Most other financial advisors act as speculators, not investors. Forcing clients to guess what the economy or markets will do in the short term is a lousy plan for financial success. Short term tactics can be important but they must be executed based upon wise strategic decisions rather than best-guess predictions.


    Saying we are “fiduciaries” means we obligate ourselves in writing to a legal, ethical standard of trust in ALL matters. We NEVER stop working solely for our clients. We believe the best way to deal with a conflict of interest is to eliminate it.

    Other firms can imply they have a fiduciary duty by saying they put “your interests first” or “work for you.” However, their duty often legally applies only to specific activities in specific accounts, if at all. Many will “switch hats” to sell products and services on behalf of a third party. For them, disclosing a conflict, often in fine print, is adequate.


    When we say “fee-only” we mean only. We never make commissions or take compensation from third parties to steer our clients one way or another.

    Many advisors say that they provide some services as “fee-only” or are “fee-based.” That’s just a way of sounding unconflicted. Be aware: commissions may be involved.


    When we say “independent” we mean we legally only work directly for our clients.

    Brokerage firms allow brokers, working as independent contractors, to call themselves “independent.” Such advisors are under contract to sell the brokerage firm’s products. In fact, despite their “independence,” recommending a product from a firm they don’t represent is a no-no, called “selling-away.” Language such as, “Securities offered through ABC securities member FINRA/SIPC” in any of their materials means they are a “registered representative” of a brokerage firm.

    We only represent our clients.


    We are free to recommend, or not recommend, any investment from any source. All products are evaluated based solely upon their merits, or lack thereof, and not on any compensation incentives. We have eliminated such third-party payments.

    Most others simply mean they don’t have in-house (a.k.a. proprietary) products to sell, or that they sell for a number of companies.