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With interest rates low, should I buy dividend paying stocks instead of bonds?

By Dan Moisand | August 14, 2018

With interest rates low, should I buy dividend paying stocks instead of bonds? No. Dividend-paying stocks are stocks not bonds and cannot be counted on to provide the stability good quality bond holdings have provided. Dividend paying stocks are every bit as risky as the rest of the stock market. Why? Dividend-paying stocks are a minority…

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Celebrating 20 years of financial planning excellence at Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo

By Dan Moisand | July 12, 2018

Celebrating 20 years of financial planning excellence In July of 1998, what is now Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo, LLC was born. Much has changed in 20 years. Back then, a cell phone was the size of a blackboard eraser and only made phone calls! One could walk all the way to the gate in the airport…

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Preparation is key to financial success

By Dan Moisand | June 14, 2018

Preparation is key If you have ever attended a closely-matched sporting contest and witnessed a buzzer-beating shot in basketball, an extra inning baseball game, or a shootout in a championship soccer match, it is an experience you are unlikely to forget. In fact, if you take a minute to reflect on it, you will likely…

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What hasn’t changed in the new tax law?

By Dan Moisand | May 14, 2018

With so many changes passed in the new tax code, it is easy to get confused. Many are asking, “What hasn’t changed in the new tax law?” Making News… Congratulations, Mike Salmon!! We are proud to share that our own Mike Salmon has been named to this year’s 10 Young Advisors To Watch feature in Financial Advisor…

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What financial records should be kept and for how long?

By Dan Moisand | April 11, 2018

Financial record keeping tips Since many of us handle large amounts of paper during tax time, it begs the question, “What financial records should be kept, for how long and what can be discarded?” The answer to those questions has changed over the years, so we thought it would be helpful to outline some basics.…

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The effect of speculation on financial security

By Dan Moisand | March 14, 2018

  Invest, don’t speculate. We have made that admonition more than a few times over the years and it is usually followed with information or insights on investing. But today, we want to talk about speculation and more importantly, what effect speculation has on one’s financial security. “Invest, don’t speculate” is a simple mantra yet…

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