Work for clients... not a quota!

Our award-winning team is looking to add talented individuals who share our values, are inspired by our mission, and will love both the clients we serve and the teammates that serve them.

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Careers at MFT

What we do...

Our mission is to be “A Sanctuary from the Noise®." The public is confronted by a 24/7 news cycle, a parade of financial gurus, an infinite amount of information and opinion on the internet, a deluge of tweets and social media posts, and thousands of people pitching their products and services. That’s a lot of noise!

We provide truly independent, objective, expert financial planning and wealth management to a select group of families, giving our clients financial confidence, security and peace of mind.

We are paid only by our clients directly to serve only our clients. We do not sell financial products. We are fee-only financial planners and investment advisors that work exclusively in a fiduciary capacity to clients. We simply do not have the conflicts of interest that plague most of the “advisers” offering help to the public.

We help our clients take and keep control of their finances and develop a clear vision for the present, future, and their legacies.

Our Core Values...

It is easy to dismiss core values because in many cases they are just words on a page. Not here. We hire, evaluate, and reward our team based on them. We believe this practice is a major contributor to our receipt of many significant accolades including being named one of the top 75 firms in the country as a Best Place to Work for Financial Advisors by InvestmentNews five times since 2019. Our people and culture are our most valuable assets and we strive to live these core values every day. 

If these values describe you, we should talk.


Congruence between words and deeds

Saying what needs to be said over what another wants to hear

Doing the right thing the right way

Passion for Excellence

"Good enough" isn't good enough

Seeking to delight our clients

Exceeding expectations

Leadership by Example

Do what you say you will

Serving a worthy cause

Acting only with good intent

Lifetime Learning

No one knows it all

To be an expert, learn from the best

To stay an expert, keep up with change

A Balanced

Family First

Happiness comes from great relationships

Work should enhance one's life not detract from it

Respect for Others

Excellent teams have excellent teammates

Advising is not judging

Assume good intent from others

Why we are special...

  • We are accountable to the highest legal and ethical standards in all our service to clients.

  • We are committed to staying truly independent, working exclusively for clients and no other parties.

  • NO ONE on our staff sells products and no compensation is ever based on commissions or quotas. Our team is only paid to advise and serve clients and each person receives a proper salary for their efforts that reflects the professionals they are. 

  • We work actively to assure our team has a great working environment, opportunities for personal and career growth, is well-trained, actively participates in improving their skills and expertise, and is appropriately compensated for their excellence.

Current Opportunities at MFT

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Join a growing and award-winning firm of financial professionals who work ONLY for the clients they serve and NEVER as representatives or salespeople for any outside party.