Important tax changes for 2024

Saving for retirement

Important tax changes for 2024 Every year, there are changes to laws that affect our taxes. In our January newsletter, we outlined the new 2024 tax brackets which are adjusted annually based upon inflation factors. If your taxable income (gross income less deductions) is exactly the same in 2024 as it was in 2023, your…

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When are Roth IRA distributions taxable?

Casandra Garrett, CFP with Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo

When are Roth IRA distributions taxable? From Ken in Satellite Beach: I thought once you turned 59 ½ Roth IRAs are tax free but a 63 year old co-worker insists he had to pay some tax last year when he withdrew from his Roth IRA. What gives? Ken, it is possible to owe taxes on…

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How do I make charitable donations from my 401(k)?

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How do I make charitable donations from my 401(k)? Direct donations from a 401(k) to charity on a tax favored basis are not possible. However, direct donations to charities from IRAs, called Qualified Charitable Distributions, are permitted. There are a few requirements to make those donations completely tax-free, chief among them is you must be…

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Will a stock market decline kill my retirement?


Will a stock market decline kill my retirement? Key Points: Those with a sound plan based on realistic goals and expectations who stay diversified, patient, and disciplined have little reason to worry that the stock market decline seen in 2022, or even declines much worse, will radically derail their retirement.   While the exact timing…

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What are the new RMD rules?

Dan Moisand speaker badge

Have RMD rules changed? Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) are back in 2021 after a one year COVID-related waiver in 2020.  No changes were made this year to the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) rules for IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s and other retirement accounts but changes are coming in 2022. To determine the RMD for a given year,…

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Can I rollover mom’s IRA into my IRA?

Derrick Chandler, CFP, fee-only financial advisor Orlando

Can I rollover mom’s IRA into my IRA? Only a surviving spouse may rollover a deceased’s IRA account into their own IRA. After the SECURE Act of 2019, most non-spouse inheritors whose benefactors die in 2020 or later have only one requirement – the inheritor must take all the money out of the Inherited IRA…

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