Lessons from the 2008 financial crisis

Lessons from the 2008 financial crisis In September 2008, the brokerage firm Lehman Brothers collapsed due to risky trading in poorly designed securities. This kicked off one of the more dramatic financial crises in American history and what is now referred to as the Great Recession. The 10th anniversary of this event is a natural…

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Preparation is key to financial success

Preparation is key If you have ever attended a closely-matched sporting contest and witnessed a buzzer-beating shot in basketball, an extra inning baseball game, or a shootout in a championship soccer match, it is an experience you are unlikely to forget. In fact, if you take a minute to reflect on it, you will likely…

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What will the market do now?

With two one-day declines of 1,000+ points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average recently, the media is full of people asking and answering the question, “What will the market do now?”  It is an intriguing question, but for true investors, it is not a question that requires an accurate answer. What will the market do…

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Which presidential candidates will be good, or bad, for the markets?

  We should all treasure our right to vote and exercise that right with great forethought. You, our clients, are intelligent, well-educated, patriotic Americans who want the best for this country. Many of you risked your lives or lost loved ones to preserve our democracy. This election is important. We are confident you will cast…

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Why rebalancing can help when markets decline

Markets are quick to react to change and current events causing them to rise and fall frequently and sometimes substantially. This summer’s double digit decline in U.S. stocks is just the latest example. Such swift declines can add to a sense of chaos and make investors uneasy. As chaotic as markets can be, if we…

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