Is there a downside to diversification?

Charles E. Fitzgerald, CFP with Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo

Is there a downside to diversification? Which would you have rather owned A or B?  A lost an average of almost 1% per year for the decade January 2000-Decemeber 2009 but returned almost 13% per year from January 2010 through June 2023. Cumulatively, A averaged a 6.84% annual return for the period January 2000 through…

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Managing risk

Staff of fee-only financial planners Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo

Managing risk Some of you may have been concerned about the recent failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and any ripple effects on the banking system and the stock market. Before we get into the risk management lessons of SVB, we want to make sure our clients understand that their assets with us are secure.…

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Was “Always be diversified” the most important lesson from 2022?

fee-only financial advisor Orlando

Was “always be diversified” the most important lesson from 2022? 2022 presented several useful investing lessons. The news was full of reports about high inflation, yet many assets that were supposed to be good hedges against inflation were down. This is an example of how it is wise to expect the unexpected. Nonetheless, while there…

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Does it matter if we go into a recession?

newspaper headline

 Does it matter if we go into a recession? Key Points: Determining when an economy goes into and out of a recession is difficult and requires hindsight. Making economic forecasts such as the start and end date of a recession is not likely to improve investment results. Recessions are not problematic for most people…

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You’ve got this

digital newspaper image

You’ve got this! Key Points: If watching the news gets you riled up, turn it off. If you can’t, try to remember they are stirring your emotions so you will tune in and they can sell more ads. Stocks often start to recover with an initial surge when things look awful. Diversifying among different types…

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Will a stock market decline kill my retirement?


Will a stock market decline kill my retirement? Key Points: Those with a sound plan based on realistic goals and expectations who stay diversified, patient, and disciplined have little reason to worry that the stock market decline seen in 2022, or even declines much worse, will radically derail their retirement.   While the exact timing…

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