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How can I do tax planning when the tax code is about to change?

With so much uncertainty surrounding tax proposals, many are asking, “How can I do tax planning when the tax code is about to change?” You might also enjoy these tax related posts for year-end planning: Year-end financial planning An outline of the basic strategy mentioned in the video above. Should you donate shares or cash? For the…

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Assessing the “Trump Bump” – What to Do Now

Assessing the “Trump Bump” – What to Do Now Recently, several clients have called to ask something like, “The markets have run up a lot. Should we have more in stocks?” Since the election, stocks have had a nice run. The typical explanation for this is that President Trump campaigned on change and the market…

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What if this is a “bad” time to invest?

  What if this is a bad time to invest? There are many things happening in the world today which one can be concerned about. The terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels remind us there is evil in the world. On a more personal level, life can present a myriad of challenges. It is not…

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Which presidential candidates will be good, or bad, for the markets?

  We should all treasure our right to vote and exercise that right with great forethought. You, our clients, are intelligent, well-educated, patriotic Americans who want the best for this country. Many of you risked your lives or lost loved ones to preserve our democracy. This election is important. We are confident you will cast…

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What are you telling nervous clients to do now?

  With the world’s stock markets having a rough start to 2016, the most common question of late from business and personal finance reporters has been, “What are you telling nervous clients to do now?”   Making News… We produce regular Q&A columns for Florida Today and MarketWatch, a personal finance website of the Wall Street Journal, as well as…

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Why stay in one fund when another is performing better?

  For the last few months, the dominant story in the financial media was predicting when the Federal Reserve would raise its target interest rates. On December 16th, it finally happened and the Fed announced a ¼% increase. Over the last several years, an increase in rates has largely been presented as some evil specter…

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