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Why stay in one fund when another is performing better?

  For the last few months, the dominant story in the financial media was predicting when the Federal Reserve would raise its target interest rates. On December 16th, it finally happened and the Fed announced a ¼% increase. Over the last several years, an increase in rates has largely been presented as some evil specter…

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Should I be concerned about recent market behavior?

Major market related news this quarter included the increased volatility of stocks in reaction to happenings in China and speculation about whether or not the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates. The Chinese stock market had been on a tear. In August, the Chinese government thought the economy was not growing fast enough so it…

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Why investng in global markets is important

In times of calm, the rationality of a prudent, long term strategic plan is pretty obvious. However, we can easily be forced out of our comfort zone in the face of unpleasant news. The summer of 2015 is the latest in an extensive list of time periods which provided ample opportunity for short term concern…

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Investments to avoid when interest rates rise

  We proactively seek out the best investment vehicles for our clients’ portfolios. To spur new sales, Wall Street is constantly creating new products or repackaging existing ones, so our search is ongoing. Sometimes their products are useful innovations but most of the time that is not the case, such as in the bond market.…

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6 Tax Planning Strategies for Better Investment Returns

A mistake we see prospective clients make is not spending enough time tax planning. Their tax planning is usually done after their taxes are filed, if at all. Taxes represent one of the largest drains on a family’s financial assets so managing its effects is important. “Manage” is a good word for what we do.…

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September 2014 “With the stock market at an all-time high, a devastating correction is imminent.” This is a common warning these days that has some people nervous about their investments. We have our own warning – don’t be distracted by prognosticators. Stock market corrections are not more likely at market highs. The frequency of declines…

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