Does it matter if we go into a recession?

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 Does it matter if we go into a recession? Key Points: Determining when an economy goes into and out of a recession is difficult and requires hindsight. Making economic forecasts such as the start and end date of a recession is not likely to improve investment results. Recessions are not problematic for most people…

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Will a stock market decline kill my retirement?


Will a stock market decline kill my retirement? Key Points: Those with a sound plan based on realistic goals and expectations who stay diversified, patient, and disciplined have little reason to worry that the stock market decline seen in 2022, or even declines much worse, will radically derail their retirement.   While the exact timing…

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Will my tax return be processed quicker this year?

Tommy Lucas, fee-only Financial Advisor

Will my tax return be processed quicker this year? The 2021 tax filing season was the worst in memory. There was a slew of legislation creating Covid-related tax provisions that never existed before. Some of that legislation was passed late in the year leaving the IRS scrambling to adapt. This was very difficult given the…

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Emotional investing can be costly

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Emotional investing can be costly  Emotional investing is inferior to evidence-based investing. It’s a belief of ours that comes up in the very first conversation we have with a prospective client and one we repeat often. Recent times reinforce our belief. In many ways, it has been a rough couple of years. There has been…

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What are the new RMD rules?

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Have RMD rules changed? Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) are back in 2021 after a one year COVID-related waiver in 2020.  No changes were made this year to the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) rules for IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s and other retirement accounts but changes are coming in 2022. To determine the RMD for a given year,…

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How your tax rates can change

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How your tax rates can change As we enter the last part of 2021, Congress is debating a series of changes to the tax code. Whether you find the proposed changes disconcerting is largely a function of how the changes affect you specifically. From our perspective as advisors, changes in the tax code can alter…

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