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Can I get money from my IRA tax free due to Covid-19?

By Dan Moisand | May 15, 2020

Can I get money from my IRA tax free due to Covid-19? In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the CARES Act changed several IRA and retirement plan rules for people of all ages. The Act allows qualified individuals to take distributions during 2020 of up to $100,000 penalty-free, but not tax-free, from their IRAs or…

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Orlando Financial Advisor Firm Named A Best Place To Work Again

By Dan Moisand | April 27, 2020

Orlando Financial Advisor firm, Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo, Named a 2020 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers by InvestmentNews Orlando – April 27, 2020 – InvestmentNews has recognized Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo, LLC as a 2020 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisers. Moisand Fitzgerald Tamayo (MFT) was chosen for the second time as one of…

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Decision making in the face of uncertainty

By Dan Moisand | April 13, 2020

Decision making in the face of uncertainty When markets rise or fall ten percent in a day and your account values oscillate by thousands of dollars along with those shifts, it is easy to become concerned about short term market behavior. Concern would be a perfectly normal reaction. However, what you do with your concern…

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How filing your 2019 tax return can affect your stimulus check

By Dan Moisand | March 31, 2020

File now or in July? The recently passed CARES Act includes a provision to send stimulus checks to eligible Americans and their dependents. Eligibility for stimulus checks is based on your most recently filed tax return. If your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) was high in 2018, defined here as over $75,000 for a single filer or…

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Why and how markets recover

By Dan Moisand | March 20, 2020

Why and how markets recover Why the stock market has always recovered Since cases of Covid-19 have spread and panic has struck financial markets around the world, we have repeatedly pointed out the simple fact that stocks have always recovered. Today, we want to provide background on why markets have always recovered and what those…

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Can I buy real estate in my IRA?

By Dan Moisand | February 14, 2020

Can I buy real estate in my IRA? You cannot buy a personal residence in your IRA but you can buy other properties. For most people, it is either not practical or not a good idea. Here a few of those reasons: If the rules are not followed properly and a “prohibited transaction” occurs, the…

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