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Managing investment taxes

By Dan Moisand | March 12, 2019

Managing investment taxes Managing investment taxes is an essential part of any good financial plan. For most clients, by far the largest expense incurred during their investment lifetime is income taxes. The goal of one’s tax planning should not be the avoidance of paying taxes per se, as few can do that. The goal should…

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Why is my charitable donation taxed?

By Dan Moisand | February 15, 2019

Why is my charitable contribution taxed? Well planned and executed charitable donations should result in tax savings. To get the maximum benefit, you must know the rules and how the accounting for donations works. This video Q&A is a great example. The inquirer knew the rule but not the reporting requirements. Making News… We frequently produce…

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What to expect from financial markets

By Dan Moisand | January 14, 2019

One of the keys to successful investing is understanding what to expect from financial markets. 2018 marked the first calendar year the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped since 2015. On Christmas Eve, the S&P 500 Index (S&P) was 20% lower (excluding dividends) than its high point. The S&P tracks so-called “blue chip” stocks, stocks of…

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Five financial articles you should always ignore

By Dan Moisand | December 14, 2018

Five financial articles you should always ignore Quite simply, the best way to deal with the financial news media is to ignore them. This is easier said than done since the media is designed to provoke interest and build urgency. But interesting is not the same as important. …interesting is not the same as important.…

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Should I buy gold to protect against a dollar collapse?

By Dan Moisand | November 14, 2018

Should I buy gold to protect against a dollar collapse? No, you should not buy gold for fear of a dollar collapse. As the video discusses, this pitch is rubbish. Heck, you probably shouldn’t buy gold aside from coin collections and jewelry for personal use. Many unbiased experts don’t even consider gold an investment. Once…

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Introducing the MFT App for mobile devices

By Dan Moisand | October 12, 2018

Introducing the MFT App for mobile devices It wasn’t that long ago one would’ve needed to use a stack of printed statements and a financial calculator to determine the return on an investment. And, to find out how the market or an investment had behaved in the past, a trip to the library for historical…

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