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The effect of speculation on financial security

By Dan Moisand | March 14, 2018

  Invest, don’t speculate. We have made that admonition more than a few times over the years and it is usually followed with information or insights on investing. But today, we want to talk about speculation and more importantly, what effect speculation has on one’s financial security. “Invest, don’t speculate” is a simple mantra yet…

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What will the market do now?

By Dan Moisand | February 14, 2018

With two one-day declines of 1,000+ points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average recently, the media is full of people asking and answering the question, “What will the market do now?”  It is an intriguing question, but for true investors, it is not a question that requires an accurate answer. What will the market do…

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Making sense of the new tax laws

By Dan Moisand | January 10, 2018

  Making Sense of the New Tax Laws That’s right “laws.” Plural. A bill was passed last fall (and largely overlooked in the media) which was written specifically to help anyone in areas affected by hurricanes Harvey, Maria or Irma. If you pay to repair damage from those storms by the end of 2018, tell…

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Pros and cons of 529 college savings plans

By Dan Moisand | December 14, 2017

  Pros and Cons of 529 College Savings Plans Paying for the college education of a child or grandchild is one of the most common goals of families we serve. There are several ways to fund this effort, but one of the most popular is a Section 529 College Savings Plan. 529 plans are named…

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How can I do tax planning when the tax code is about to change?

By Dan Moisand | November 15, 2017

With so much uncertainty surrounding tax proposals, many are asking, “How can I do tax planning when the tax code is about to change?” You might also enjoy these tax related posts for year-end planning: Year-end financial planning An outline of the basic strategy mentioned in the video above. Should you donate shares or cash? For the…

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How to prepare for the next financial storm

By Dan Moisand | October 12, 2017

  With hurricane Irma in the rear-view mirror, it is once again clear there is value in being prepared for rough times. And since we’ve experienced hurricanes many times before, we know what to expect and how to prepare. A week before the storm, we start to pay close attention to the “cone of uncertainty”…

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